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Martini Tasting Exclusive Event


Martini Tasting Exclusive Event

Martini Tasting Event at The Bison Bar

The Bison Bar specialises in Martinis, and in this exclusive tasting you get to try 15 from our range.

Including traditional martinis …
- gin & vodka martinis - sweet, dry, dirty or filthy? 
- Shaken or stirred? 
- Espresso and French

Our exquisite signature range …
- the popular Rumpletini and Orange Blossom
- inspired by music
- decadent desserts
- limited editions

Finishing off with your choice of your favourite martini of the night, made just for you.

Friday 15th July, 6pm

$50 per ticket

Limited to only 10 people.

This event is in celebration of Worldwide Martini Day.
We thank Belvedere Vodka, the image is from their James Bond 007: Spectre campaign and features Bond girl Stephanie Sigman.