Anywhere Theatre Festival

Date          Sat 19th May
Time          7:30pm
Tickets      $22


It takes a goddess to fix everything

Tragedy! (a new comedy) premiered at Anywhere Theatre Festival in 2016.

It has since been revamped into a cabaret show having just enjoyed a season as part of the 2017 Melbourne Cabaret Fringe Festival.

It is the same “old” story of a goddess returning to earth to counsel the mortals into handing their fates back to the now redundant gods (the ancient gods, that is!).

With more songs, the cutting of (some!) of the arduous old ancient oratory and the same old tongue-in-cheek wit with a smattering of mixed media and iconic pop songs to boot, Tragedy! (a new comedy) has been revamped to entertain (and win over!) the mortals of Brisbanthenia circa 2018.

Presented by Not Buttered Toast

The Bison Bar is open from 5pm till late Thu, Fri, Sat.
( 18+ venue )