(Anywhere Theatre Festival)

Date          Sat 12th May
Time          1:30pm
Tickets      $20


It’s really very nice to meet you

Benny invites you to her extravaganza of mediocre womanhood. An exciting personal piece by Gemma Elsom, Theda Bara Smiles beckons you to befriend Benny as she peels back the faded mustard curtains of everyday life.

Getting to know a person can be messy. A brief introduction, the too-soon friend request, an awkward “we’ve met before, haven’t we?” and a few clumsy hugs later and you’re slowly getting there. Nothing happens as we expect and we’re all much more boring and much more interesting than we seem. Theda Bara Smiles, she does…I swear.

With one Sunshine Coast show and two in Brisbane, you’re in for couple of nights of raw humour and radical honesty.

Presented by Girl Genius

The Bison Bar is open from 5pm till late Thu, Fri, Sat.
( 18+ venue )