Date           Fri 30th June
Doors         6.30pm
Tickets       $10.00 presale
                   $12.00 door


After the split of his long time band The Wild Comforts in late 2015, Josh Deeble decided he was going to give up his musical pursuits. A year passed and Josh realised there was a hole in his heart which music once filled, he was lost. He use to write songs on a daily basis and now he hadn’t written anything for over a year. So on a whim, or was it a drunk dial, he called and booked studio time with no songs, just the title for the EP he wished to create, Forever Blue.

Josh began song writing again and over the next 2 months he wrote the EP and roped in two incredibly talented session musicians; Nildo Orso on pedal steel and Dave Temby on piano, to accompany his lonely tunes.

Forever Blue was recorded straight to tape over a weekend in February 2017 at Sound Recordings, a 100% analog studio in Castlemaine, Victoria. 

Lyrically this is Josh’s most melancholy work to date, over the course of Forever Blue Josh bears everything, giving you a glimpse into his soul. God, addiction, love and death all play a role in Forever Blue’s tale. Recording in a barn, live with minimal overdubs, captured the true essence of these songs. The end result is an EP that is haunting, atmospheric, and raw. 

A moment in time, Forever Blue.