Date           Saturday 17th December
Doors         6pm
Tickets       $17.85


Held in high esteem at home and abroad, Van Larkins is celebrating the Fingerstyle Concert Series with the release of another track from his forthcoming album, Cinder Moon.

Described as “ear candy" by Phil Emmanuel, Van Larkins recently sounded off with the guitar legend at Sunshine Coast music conference, Turn Up! in what can only be described as a jaw-dropping display of sonic creation. Van Larkins recreated the sounds of Emmanuel's electric guitar and effects pedals with just his acoustic guitar.
"I experiment and use every possible part of my guitar to make music. It could be bending the neck to make that 'wah wah' sound or pushing my elbow on the back to create delay, while wiggling the capo for a whammy clav effect!" said Van Larkins, "It's just so much fun to seewhat I can do next."

Tech talk aside, Van Larkins defies the eye when playing his energetic melodies, harmonies, percussion and bass with just 6 strings and a chunk of the finest carved wood. Much to the surprise of audiences, he doesn't sing. He doesn't play drums. There's no loop pedal. After all, why do any of that when he can make his acoustic guitar do it all.
Transforming what we traditionally consider a classical guitar style with musical influences like electronic, psych trance and 70s funk, it's no surprise really that Van Larkins is spearheading this musical revolution.

“Owen Van Larkins doesn’t just play guitar...he creates a beautiful musical soundscape. His application of musical cascades and original compositions
shed new light to the term ‘ear candy’”said Emmanuel, Australia’s greatest electric guitar player.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the globe, a young 22 year old guitar prodigy, Valeri, is very much the talk of the guitar world with his ever-evolving, experimental finger-style guitar, making this duo a match made in musical heaven, and a must-see this Summer.