Date           Wednesday 7th September
Doors         7pm
Tickets       Free Entry

Andrew Leavold’s cult documentary THE SEARCH FOR WENG WENG screens at the Bison Bar as a special event of the Caloundra Film Festival and the Sunshine Coast’s Horizon program.

Leavold will introduce the film, then tell tall tales of hunting two foot nine James Bonds in a Q&A session afterwards. DJ The Screaming Meanies, one of the film’s composers, plays selections from the soundtrack and other choice Filipino B film snippets.

Entry is free, but you just need to register on the Caloundra Film Festival’s website -…/the-search-for-weng…/ - as seats are limited. 

One night in 1996, Australian cult video store owner-turned-guerrilla filmmakerAndrew Leavold dreamt he was in the Philippines directing a documentary aboutWeng Weng, the long-dead Filipino midget James Bond.

Ten years later, he’s actually in Manila making a deal with the forces of chaos and following his two-decade obsession to its logical conclusion. It’s just the beginning of a very strange adventure, and as fate would have it, it’s all captured on film inThe Search For Weng Weng.

Armed only with a Mini-DV camera and with a head full of gloriously bad B-movies, Leavold fearlessly leaps into the trenches of the Philippines’ once thriving film industry and allows blind chance and serendipity to point the way.

He discovers a schizophrenic Asia-cum-America dotted with shopping malls and a scale model of Hollywood now a disaster zone, symptomatic of a country attempting to claw its way out of its post-colonial malaise, yet curiously on the verge of a digital filmmaking revolution.

As for Weng Weng: he remains ……