Date           Wednesday 25th May
Doors         7pm
Tickets       Donation

This is the first in our "VHS Dungeon" showcase, co-presented by Nambour's The Time Machine .... presenting (drum roll) the Italian Star Wars, complete with cheap light sabres and claymation robots... STAR CRASH! Time Machine's Daniel Stuth and Barton Worthington join Andrew Leavold onstage for a discussion on their favourite VHS titles that have never made it to DVD, plus the soundtrack to the 80s direct-to-video days by masked DJ The Screaming Meanies, PLUS a VHS trailer reel, PLUS VHS classics for sale! Hope you can join us for a virtual trip to the video store...

Star Crash
From a vast and distant galaxy - a space adventure like no other!
The universe is in the grip of darkness, under the hateful eye of Count Zarth Am. Hidden deep within his fortress, he seeks to destroy the Good Emperor and his kingdom. The Emperor employs a band of adventurers led by the best pilot in the galaxy, the beautiful and irrepressible Stella Star. Stella and her comrades, using their technological wizardry, enter into an epic struggle, battling intergalactic robots, deadly Amazon women, prehistoric troglodytes and ultimately the Count himself. 
Starring Caroline Munro, Marjoe Gortner, Christopher Plummer and David Hasselhoff, Star Crash is galactic adventure beyond your wildest dreams!