Date           Sunday 31st July
Time          10am-12noon
Tickets       $99 (+bf)

Interested in the dynamics of playing in a jazz band? Like to know how to communicate and work together as a rhythm section? What is the role of the frontline instrument? Come along and learn from Australia's best as Galapagos Duck present this workshop for musicians.

Registration will be from 10:00am with the workshop running from 10:30am to 12:00noon

What's covered:
The workshop will open with a discussion of how a five piece band works with special reference to the 'Galapagos Duck'. The role of each instrument in an ensemble situation will be analysed with examples of different styles played live.

The workshop will then break into two sections. One section will focus on the Frontline and the other on the Rhythm Section.

The Frontline group (with Willy Qua and Richard Booth) will discuss:
- Breathing and sound
- Technique
- The role of a melodic instrument in a Jazz based situation
- Sight reading
- High notes for saxophone

The Rhythm Section (with Wil Sargisson, John Conley and Rodney Ford) will cover:
- The role of each instrument and the interaction between them necessary to create a solid backing
- A discussion of the technical issues associated with piano, bass and drums
- Approach to playing different genres of music
- Sight reading

The workshop will close with one or more pieces played by the band illustrating the issues discussed. There will also be time for questions.

Galapagos Duck are Australia's most well-known and respected Jazz Band, performing extensively for over 40 years both nationally and internationally. Highly respected amongst jazz musicians, Galapagos Duck is comprised of John Conley (double bass, bass, guitar), Willy Qua (saxes, drums, percussion), Wil Sargisson (piano), Rodney Ford (drums, vocals, percussion) and Richard Booth (saxes, clarinet, flutes, steel drums, bass). This is an amazing opportunity to learn from some of Australia's finest internationally acclaimed musicians.

PLEASE NOTE: due to the licensing restrictions of the venue, all participants under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult