Date           Sunday 18th October
Doors         3pm

As (former) Prime Minister Tony Abbott continued to dig a deeper hole for himself, seemingly oblivious to its depth, bluesman Jimi Beavis decided to release a pair of one-off singles, largely inspired by the lengthening list of idiot things our once fearless leader said in public. Now Jimi is taking credit for his demise.

The Double A side tracks – ‘Python Squeeze, Cobra Strike’ and companion single ‘The Butcher’ – steer slightly from Beavis’ releases No Need To Deny It[2011], Stripped [2013] and Gentleman Giant[2013/2014], instead selected from a cache of material deemed “not blues enough” for the previous records.

Jimi and his hand will be joined by some of the cream of Sunny Coast's groove musicians HYLO, featuring Jimi Beavis alumni Brodie Graham, THUMP and Band of Frequencies bass player OJ Newcombe and drummer Mitch Francis.

Jimi's Python Squeeze, Cobra Strike/The Butcher single will soon be released on 7" vinyl and digital via Bandcamp and digital by Itunes.